stock traders

It is a world full of Apps that do just about anything including help you trade in stocks. Most young hardcore stock traders today are turning to Apps to help them with various trade related tasks. It could be getting better insight into the markets, following your favorite stocks or even doing the actual trading while on the go.

With the use of Apps, even people who know very little or next to nothing about stocks are able to learn and even make money online with very little effort invested. If you are thinking of doing this trade, here are a few Apps that you will find very helpful.

Trade Hero

This App is ranked number one in over 90 countries and yet it is loss proof. Using Hero, you can take all the risks possible and yet you will not damage your finances one bit. Why? It is a simulator App. If you are new to trading, this is probably the best place for you to start as you sharpen your skills. It is based on real-time data, which means exactly what is going on in the markets is what you have access to but the money you are trading and sadly even the one you make is virtual so you are able to test how sharp you are at reading the market situation and you can judge if you are ready to start trading in the real market using the other Apps we shall see here.

It is not completely empty handed that you walk away from Hero because when you create your virtual portfolio, you will receive 100 thousand dollars of virtual money to compete against other users of this App and if you end up the winner, you are not only put on the leader board, but you also will get a real cash prize.

Yahoo Finance

Many hardcore traders will tell you how useful this App is for them. It is a personalized information board where you can keep track of different stock in which you have an interest in. There is nothing fancy about it, it is just and App that will give you the vital information you need in order to make informed trading decisions. Instead of just having graphs to follow the stocks, you can even read background information about a particular commodity that you are following and this makes your trading much more informed and for some traders, they say it minimizes their risks. While you may find this service available on other apps, Yahoo finance has the most intuitive interface which makes it more attractive.


This is the face of simplicity in stock trading. The app targets new and young traders so naturally, it tries to make things as easy as possible right from the sign-up process to the trading and withdrawal of funds. It is intuitive and adopts the common trend of social sharing of information. You are able to gain access to insights from other users of the App which makes you feel like you are on the right track with the decisions you make. Robinhood received an award from Apple for being simple and quick. There is no lengthy sign-up process and you do not get lost as you use the interface.
There is the Gold Feature which offers longer trading hours as well as credit advancement and faster withdrawal and depositing which are all features that the younger generation seems to appreciate according to the great reviews it has received so far.

E* Trade Mobile

This is an App that comes with pretty much the entire package you need to trade. It provides you with a wide range of trade options and to add to that there are various channels of information feeding you real time news on different commodities and occurrences in the markets. You as a user can customize the information dashboard so that you receive information on only the securities you are interested in along with the CNBC video feed. There are also educational tools which make it appealing to first-time traders as well as old hands. It is designed for both Android and IOS systems and you can even connect it to your apple watch for trades on the go.

TD Ameritrade Mobile

Here is another App that you can use to monitor the stock market in real time with video feed from different channels as well as financial news. One of the very helpful features of Ameritrade is the live chat which enables traders interact and get more information from different corners of the world. There is also the events calendar which alerts the user of upcoming events around the world
You can also use your camera to scan a barcode for a company and the app will give you all the available relevant information about that company. You can also deposit checks by simply taking a picture of them and sending them.

All these stock trading apps can be easily downloaded onto mobile phones and are compatible with both mobile operating systems.