mobile phones vs world

One of the greatest and most amazing technological development in the modern world is undoubtedly the mobile. None of us would be able to manage going through our everyday life if it were not for our mobiles. In fact, most of you will be reading this article on your smartphones if not on your laptop or tablet. We depend on our mobile from the beginning of the day to wake us up right until the time we hit the bed after reading an e-book or watching a video. But have you stopped to think about the ones that aren’t fortunate enough to avail of this opportunity? Because not all of us have a smartphone with access to a wifi/3G/4G network.

The general notion is that smartphones aren’t common in most rural parts of Asia and Africa. However according to recent surveys conducted, the smartphone users in Africa are around nearly a forty percent. While the rest own a basic mobile. It is only a few that do not have a mobile phone at all. Since smartphones and internet access have existed for a considerable amount of time in developed countries like America, working from home or shopping online is nothing out of the ordinary for such people. While those in developing places treat the benefits of smartphones and internet access a novelty.

Mobile phones have been constantly evolving and getting better by the day. In turn this has benefited the developing world in the following ways:


healthWith the developments in technology, the levels of health care have risen. As people all over world that own an android phone can take advantage of the several health care facilities that are made available via the internet. Important information is passed on to the common man via SMS campaigns, online applications, voice messages etc. Pregnant women who would otherwise be unaware of the precaution and care they need to take, are now able to ensure that they keep themselves and their babies in the best health. In case of any disease prevention, all information regarding prevention and cure is made available through mobile phones.


educationMobile phones have allowed teachers, students and parents all over the world to avail quality education. Not only does this prove to be a major blessing for those in rural under-developed areas, but it also is equally beneficial for those in developed regions. Any person with an android phone is able to access various learning applications, tutorials, books etc. These are self explanatory and can help a person develop language and interpersonal skills amongst others. As such, mobile phones help in self development as well.


communicationThe pace at which we can communicate today has changed drastically if compared to just around ten years back. And mobile phones have a massive role in boosting the communication rate. Our smartphones allow us to download various applications that help us to message, talk and video chat with anyone in any part of the world. While this is mostly used as a way of entertainment, people from developing or under-developed regions regard it as a necessity. This is because it provides them access to doctors, teachers and other professionals that help increase the quality of their lives. In case of any emergency, 24/7 helplines are available all over the world to assist and guide any person in difficulty.


farmingFortunately the benefits of the mobile phone have been able to reach farmers all over. Farmers are now informed about all the different factors relating to their animals and crops. Today farmers too can price their produce competitively depending on the market factors as this information is provided to them via mobile phones. Additionally farmers can keep track of their produce and sell it in accordance with the demand as they are provided with all such information.

With improved healthcare, quality education, faster communication and efficient farming; mobile phones have managed to penetrate into all aspects and areas of our lives. Like any other thing in this world, mobile phones also come worth certain cons. But it is up to us to use it wisely and correctly so that the advantages outweighs the cons. Mobile phones helped bring the world closer and made it a happier and wonderful place to live in.