iPhones have become trendy in the modern world due to their numerous uses and portability. Its applications allow for the quick trade in equities and stocks on your phone in just simple clicks. Stocks are now being sold by the investors easily. The AAPL shares can be traded on the iPhone however; you should make necessary reviews in order to trade stocks on your phone. Most customers use smartphones to confirm in real time the stock quotes. There has also been an exponential increase in the actual trading using smartphones. The fact that this trading of stocks on iPhones is on the rise does not mean it is all a smooth sailing. This article, therefore, explores whether trading stocks on the iPhones is a good business worth venturing into.

The ETFC recorded the upsurge in the shares of its customers who traded on their smartphones. The other online brokers still noted the similar trend in the stock market using the smartphones. This can be due to the current technological advancements that have made it easy and reliable trading stocks on smartphones. The steady rise of the iPhones has also contributed to this form of stock trading. Most investors are also technology lovers and have desire to control their various accounts in real time. These investors want more control of their respective accounts which is only provided by the smartphones.

The other reason that could explain the rise in the stock trading on the iPhones is the high number of traders willing to buy and sell their stocks the whole day. Some investors believe that the smartphones have made it easy to detect changes in stock markets any time anywhere hence providing opportunity to buy or sell stocks at the best price in the market. It also allows the investors to easily monitor their financial accounts at their convenient time.

Despite iPhones becoming trendy in the trade stocks, all is not rosy as it may appear. There are several challenges associated with most trading on the smartphones. There is high prevalence of mistakes and rash decisions while trading you stock on the iPhones which may lead to trading in the wrong stock. There is also high probability of the transaction failing to go through. There can also be challenges with your investment strategy due to consistent weak signal received on the smartphone. Although you can trade whenever you feel convenient, the stock trading signal is occasionally low on the smartphones making it difficult to trade.

The frequent trading of stocks leads to low performance as those who buy stocks and hold them for a longer time tend to realize a higher profit margin. The smartphone stock trading creates a high tendency of frequent trading and makes it hard to hold onto stock for a long period of time. Too much trading in stocks is not profitable and can at most times lead to loses.

However, the lovers of the stock trading on the iPhones argue that these problems have nothing to do with the technology but rather an individual user. They believe that in case you are going to fail using other means other than smartphone trading would not be of any help either. Trading on iPhones entails similar process to that of desktop online trade. There is no real lag time when trading on the smartphone as it all depends on the availability of the wireless connection. Most trading apps for the iPhones require users to first log in all the time they make a transaction or check their balance. This ensures security of your stocks as one cannot access your account without these essential details.

The TD Ameritrade is one of the companies offering its six million clients with accounts. The users of these accounts can detect the statistics such as the trading options and the moving averages. It also provides complex options which include the currencies and futures. The company’s growth of mobile trading has by outweighed any other technology by far. Whereas most companies keep secret the clients trading specifications, this company confirmed that almost fourteen percent of its stock trading is through a smartphone which is estimated to have a value of approximately one billion US dollars daily.

There are several reasons given to justify why you need to trade your stocks on your iPhones. Although there are few demerits to these systems, it would be important to give stock trading on your iPhone a try.


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